The Stranger’s Spirit.

I never knew your soul Mister. I decided to go to CMC Leadville earlier this year, and me being a creature that delves into the darker unshaped regions of life, I soon came to learn of your mystery. And now, you’re dead, and I wonder if anybody knows why. This starry autumn, I’ll be attending that school, I’ll be venturing into those woods in search of adventure, tranquility, and knowledge of intangible forces, that honestly..may or may not exist. Please know that you’ll trail through my thoughts as I gaze upon the same beauty, the seemingly infinity of trees, the place where you dared to draw your last human breath. You are a stranger to me, and I am a stranger to you, but the realms of mystery in which your spirit faded out have captured my curiosity and marionette-d the strings of my heart in the most obscure of ways.


Hey budd I really miss you but not as much as your dad, mom and sister. I’m not worried about the grammar because it doesn’t matter. Katie and I had a little girl, we named her Ezarai. I always wanted to name my son Ezra and Katie thought of Ezarai. Pretty cool huh. She’s 9 months and is the cutest thing, you’ll love her and she’d love you too, everyone loved you. If they didn’t then there was something wrong with them. I’m really worried about your dad, you were his heart and I don’t think it’s beating very well. I try to imagine the same thing happening to me, you know if Evan died. I think I’d give up on life and just drink until I couldn’t any more. I’d leave town, run away. Our sons are our future, they carry on our name but more importantly what we’ve taught them good or bad and your dad taught you well. Your drug problem wasn’t his fault, it was those damn doctors giving you to many feel good pills and I know what that feels like. I’d take them every day if I could because they do make you feel good, happy. I wish life was that easy. Bubba the short amount of time we shared together and I’ll always wish it could have been more. You did impact my life. I know your better off then you ever were and where your supposed to be, we all just miss you. You were a light in all this darkness. I’ll never forget you Colti, Monster.


Vicki moore

Colton, I think about you everyday honey. Everytime I drive by your street , go to your house , see a red raptor , see a skateboard, and a thunderstorm, we rode out a few of those together…. Your life here on earth was way too short … But I know you are in good company now , you can hold our hands down here now .. Rest in peace and know that you were truly loved .. Bless your heart. Much love and many hugs. Vicki

Colby Kelsey

It seems like just the other day we were going paintballing together having a blast. We would go early in the morning and stay out as long as we could. I can even remember Lance Luke coming with us. We would play Xbox all through the night and make each other laugh at the dumbest things. You are a great friend and are dearly missed. I was lucky to have you as not only a teammate on the field, but one off as well. I love you buddy and best wishes on your new journey.

Colby Kelsey

My Sincere Coldolences To The Wilson Family:

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wilson: Please accept my sincere condolences. I am truly sorry for your loss of your son Colton. I never met your son, but I remember you (Charles) when you were young….a little bit older than Colton then…. refreshing, adventurous, ready to take on the world. I m sure he was alot like his father. If I can do anything to help. please feel free to call on me. God Bless all of you as you are in my prayers. Sincerely, J.P. Manovsky

My deepest condolences

My heart goes out to the Wilson Family…I know there is nothing worse than losing a child or a family member, especially one so young, with a bright and promised future ahead of him. I pray that your pain and suffering is limited and comforted by the fact that he is in a better place and will ALWAYS live on in memory and in our hearts. May you celebrate his life and the impact he had on others that were fortunate enough to know him.

Jo Zelaya
123 Recovery USA, Charlotte NC