The Stranger’s Spirit.

I never knew your soul Mister. I decided to go to CMC Leadville earlier this year, and me being a creature that delves into the darker unshaped regions of life, I soon came to learn of your mystery. And now, you’re dead, and I wonder if anybody knows why. This starry autumn, I’ll be attending that school, I’ll be venturing into those woods in search of adventure, tranquility, and knowledge of intangible forces, that honestly..may or may not exist. Please know that you’ll trail through my thoughts as I gaze upon the same beauty, the seemingly infinity of trees, the place where you dared to draw your last human breath. You are a stranger to me, and I am a stranger to you, but the realms of mystery in which your spirit faded out have captured my curiosity and marionette-d the strings of my heart in the most obscure of ways.